Philips Design believes in creating products, services and solutions that go beyond the users’ expectations to enrich the quality of their lives. Philips Design creates innovative, people-focused designs, which are recognized for excellence within the industry and beyond. 
I have been working as a ux designer for Philips Design for more than 18 months. In this period I was involved in numerous different projects. Designing experiences that enrich people’s lives, stimulate their senses and extend their capabilities. I will highlight some of them here. 
Philips Styleguide for Mobile Apps
Many mobile apps have been created for Philips products. With more than 170 apps in the app stores (iOS & Android, 2014) and an increasing demand for connected propositions and digital marketing. There is no consistency between look and feel and interaction design between these apps. The goal was to solve the inconsistent brand experiences. Due to the wild growth in apps, a lot of budget is also lost due to the reinventing of the wheel.

The solution consisted of developing consistent Philips Mobile Apps Design Guidelines and interaction patterns and guidelines that can be used for all Philips apps worldwide for Android and IOS.

My role was, among other things, mapping out the different requirements and needs of both the Philips master brands and maker's mark brands. Develop a library of interaction patterns and principles that can be used on the various mobile platforms. And as a visual designer, create a look & feel that makes the Apps visually consistent and radiates the Philips brand identity. The team consisted of a creative lead digital innovation, art director, visual designer and IT project manager.

The result is a Philips Mobile Apps Guideline with a master UI component toolkit. This ensures a uniform user experience and brand identity that can be used for a wide range of purposes, guaranteeing a high user experience and aesthetically pleasing looks.
Consumer Decision Journey
Our consumers are at the heart of what we do at Philips. Experience flows like the Consumer Decision Journey (CDJ) are an established methodology to get insight in our consumer’s context and behaviors. 
Next to learning about our consumers, the CDJ gives us insight in the touchpoints our consumers encounter while interacting with the Philips brand. The CDJ reveals the competences, processes and technologies needed to enable for those touchpoints in order to provide for a great brand experience for our consumer, now and in the future!
During my time at Philips I was involved in making several experience flows. An experience flow visualizes insights and behaviors of one or more stakeholders over time. It therefore provides a holistic perspective on the entire stakeholder experience feeding a people centric marketing and innovation culture.  

Gathering information with the team

Example of a Consumer Decision Journey

Example of a Consumer Decision Journey

Other Philips projects
I have worked on many more interesting projects at Philips.
- Internet of things, how to connect Philips products with their apps in an uniform way 
- Philips Brand Guidelines
- Philips consumer website
- Philips future Kitchen Appliances Vision
- Product advisors
- Mobile applications 
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