R-Link is a 100% integrated tablet that makes the perfect combination between navigation, radio, multimedia, telephony, app, current information from the car and internet connection. The latter allows the driver to use various applications such as e-mail, Twitter, weather reports etc.
R-Link is available for the various new models. For the 100% electrical ZOE there are specific possibilities within R-Link to make electric driving even easier and more pleasant.
My role of in the development of R-link at Tom Tom was, among other things, solving interaction issues, coming up with solutions how different car settings can be displayed and set. This involved close cooperation with Renault.
The challenges of this project were the complexity and design of an interface that should be used while driving. Proper documenting of all specifications because developers were working on R-Link at different locations. The team consisted of multiple interaction designers and visual designers from the TomTom User Experience Design Team.
The result is that Renault R-Link received the highest rating in an independent EU Usability Benchmarking report from SBD. R-Link was rated as the most user-friendly infotainment system thanks to the simplicity and the advanced interface.​​​​​​​
Activities  User experience (UX) design, Wire framing, Prototypes, Interface (UI) design, Visual design​​​​​​​
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