The Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) is a Dutch government agency that is responsible for the implementation of the WW, WAO, WIA and the Sickness Benefits Act.
I was asked by the UX Design ASC team to guide various multidisciplinary SCRUM teams and help with UX advice. Projects I have worked on:
- Research into the integration of and 
- Setting up a platform for employers for looking for wajongers
- Different forms and management modules on
The challenge was to keep the focus on the best solution for the end user in a large organization with different political interests and a complex technical playing field.
The result is, in addition to an improved cooperation between the UX department and the business, setting up a platform in record time that empowers employers to find the right wajonger, forms on improved and standardized and various concepts and mock- ups for management modules.
My role was to help the business as a UX designer with research, advice, new concepts, high fidelity wireframes and mock-ups.
Activities  User experience (UX) design, User research, Data visualisation, Customer Journey's, Wire framing,  Interface (UI) design, prototyping, WCAG 2.1
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